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Explore some of the more popular cemeteries for genealogy work.

East 7th St (WV 618), Parkersburg
Although the earliest tombstones have lost their inscriptions, it is known they date from the first decade of the nineteenth century.  While the Dils family started this as a private burying ground, it gradually became a public cemetery.  When the Northwest Turnpike (US 50) was built in 1837, the grounds were enlarged to meet its boundaries.  On March 6, 1868, Wood County's last public execution by hanging took place here.  The executed man was a murderer named Joseph Eisele, alias John Schafer.  He was then buried in the cemetery in an unmarked grave.

6th St and Gale Ave, Parkersburg

One of the most picturesque of Parkersburg's old cemeteries, Holliday is located near the Little Kanawha River and has a deep ravine running through its center.  Stone walls constructed during the 1930s by CCC labor mark two boundaries of the cemetery.  The cemetery's earliest known burials date to 1811.  At least two other markers record burials in 1818.  Lying in an unmarked grave is Ransom Reed, Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett's favorite and most famous servant.  A number of Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, are buried in this small cemetery.

23rd St near the City Park, Parkersburg

12th St, Vienna (between Lowe's and Sam's Club off WV 14)

Also known in former days as the John Cook CemeteryAmong its internments are veterans of eight wars including the French and Indian War (1756-1783), the Civil War (1861-1865) and the Spanish-American War (1898).  Other notables buried here include President Andrew Jackson's great grandfather and a relative of President Zachary Taylor. 

24th St behind Parkersburg High School

Formerly called the IOOF or Odd Fellows Cemetery.  

13th and Ann Sts, Parkersburg

Also known in former days as the Cook Graveyard.  This is one of the most beautiful and historic cemeteries in West Virginia.  Like many old Wood County burying grounds, it started as a family plot but gradually evolved into public use.  For many years Riverview was called the Cook Family Cemetery, as it was located on their farm.  There is some proof, however, the spot may have been a cemetery before the Cooks acquired the land, as the earliest burial in the cemetery is one B.W. Jackson who died in 1801.  More distinguished Wood County citizens are buried here than in any other local cemetery.  The list of famous names includes two West Virginia governors, Jacob B. Jackson and William E. Stevenson; one congressman; eight Parkersburg mayors; four clerks of the Wood County court; three Wood County sheriffs; six justices of the Wood County court and many early pioneers.  Peter Van Winkle, one of the first United States Senators from West Virginia and the man who cast the deciding vote in the 1868 impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, was interred here in 1872.  The shaded paths of this cemetery provide interesting walks leading visitors to unique and striking nineteenth-century tombstones.  One such marker is inscripted entirely in Chinese letters and another displays a sailing ship beautifully carved in bold relief.

28th St and Williams Ave, Vienna

Once the burying ground for the family of Vienna's founder, Joseph Spencer (died 1824), the City of Vienna purchased the ground, removed the markers to one central location and turned the property into a park for the use of neighborhood children.

Camden Ave between Hugh and Hamilton Sts, Parkersburg

This cemetery is located on land granted to Colonel Hugh Phelps (died 1824) who came to Parkersburg in the 1780s with his father-in-law, Captain James Neal, and later served as the county's second sheriff.  In 1823, Phelps sold the property to his son-in-law, Thomas Tavenner.  Born in Loudoun County, Virginia, in 1776, Tavenner settled in Wood County in the 1790s.  He amassed such huge quantities of property that when he died in 1857, he owned 2 1/2 square miles of land.  According to its earliest legible tombstone inscriptions, burials took place in this cemetery as early as 1816.  There doubtless were gravesites predating even this year, however, as the lettering on the oldest stones is worn away.

Other Cemeteries

Arlington/Evergreen North Cemetery
WV 2 North of Parkersburg

Formerly known as Arlington until the mid-1980s when the name changed to Evergreen North Cemetery.

Burkley Cemetery

Catholic Cemetery
15th St, Parkersburg

Evergreen South Cemetery
Located behind Parkersburg South High School off Blizzard Dr (WV 14), Parkersburg

Foley Cemetery
Joins Evergreen South Cemetery off Blizzard Dr (WV 14), Parkersburg

Heitt Cemetery No. 1 & No. 2
Located at and above 59th St, Vienna

James Heitt came to Wood County in 1896-99? In 1882 he was noted as "the only survivor of the 1812 War in the Williams District. He was also with General Harrison in his campaign in the Black Swamp of Ohio.

Kinnard Cemetery
Above Riverview Cemetery, Williamstown

Mathews Cemetery
7th Ave, Vienna

This area was once known as Parmaco.

Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery
Fairview Ave & 23rd Sts, Parkersburg

Ogden Cemetery
Off Rosemar Rd between Parkersburg and Vienna

Riverview Cemetery
Along the Ohio River, Williamstown

Rosemar United Baptist Church Cemetery
Rosemar Rd between Parkersburg and Vienna

Rowell Cemetery
Henderson Hall farm on WV 14, Williamstown

Sission Cemetery
Near railroad tracks off River Rd, Williamstown

Sunset Memory Gardens
WV 95 South Parkersburg

Tracewell Cemetery
Behind the Bickel Estate on WV 95 South of Parkersburg

Cemetery is maintained by the West Augusta Genealogical Society. It is noted that a Revolutionary War solider is buried here.

Near Henderson Hall in Williamstown

Burial site of David Uhl and family. David's youngest son spent three years in the Company "G" 15th WV infantry.

Vandevier/Kincheloe Cemetery
Next to the WVU-P parking lot off WV 47

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