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Date: Saturday, June 12 2021

Take a deeper look at The Pioneers who David McCullough focuses on in his latest book!

Location: Ohio River Museum
Time: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
601 Front St
Marietta, OH

David McCullough tells the story of their legacy; Let us show you a closer look at their lives, their possessions, and the home of General Rufus Putnam. Hear the stories that make the invisible, visible. See what the Coonskin Library truly existed of and understand the kind of librarian Ephraim Cutler was. Learn answers to questions such as: Did they live in hollow trees? where did Putnam entertain guests? Or Did Rufus Putnam actually save the Continental Army from destruction?
Join us for an inside look at the stories of these early settlers narrated by William Reynolds, Campus Martius Museum’s historian and a research contributor to David McCullough while writing his book, The Pioneers.

Cost: $10.00 plus admission to Campus Martius Museum

Limit 10. Reservations Recommended

November 14 & 28
December 12
January 16

Admission: Cost: $10.00 plus admission to Campus Martius Museum

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