Family visiting Blennerhassett Island

Blennerhassett Island

Step into the past at the Blennerhassett Museum of Regional History, featuring a collection of local artifacts, portraits, and a display about the lives of the Blennerhassett family.

Henderson Hall

Henderson Hall is a living legacy of the pioneers and patriots who walked its halls through an unbroken chain of five generations.

A person in a garden by Henderson Hall
Visiting Julia-Ann Square

Julia-Ann Square

Explore the Victorian-era homes in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District with a self-guided walking tour of the largest and oldest historic district in West Virginia.

Oil & Gas Museum

Discover the impact of West Virginia’s oil and gas industry on the Appalachian region by touring the Oil and Gas Museum.

Visiting Oil and Gas Museum

Visiting the castle

The Castle

Revival house built in 1855 — for a variety of activities including tours, teas and luncheons, history-related events, and much more.

Campus MArtius Museum

Cross the river into Marietta to tour the Campus Martius Museum and soak up more than 200 years of history focused on the Northwest Territory. 

Visiting inside the campus martius museum