Weeping lady

Visit the Weeping Lady, located in the Riverview Cemetery, who watches over the Jackson family plot. She is known to move around on moonless nights and can grant wishes for visitors who are pure of heart in exchange for a small gift.

silver run tunnel

Walk through the 1,376 feet long tunnel known as the Silver Run Tunnel if you dare. Legends say a ghostly pale woman has been seen and heard along the tracks at the tunnel. The story claims that she was a bride making her way to her groom in Parkersburg when she was hit by a train. She is now known as the Phantom of Silver Run.

haunted parkersburg

Dive below the surface of ordinary life and see the past bleed into the present as the line between the living and dead is blurred. Discover the secrets of Parkersburg on Friday and Saturday nights during the months of September & October with Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours. 

Haunted blennerhassett

Haunted Blennerhassett provides premiere haunted and paranormal tourism events in one of Appalachia’s most noteworthy historic hotels, The Blennerhassett Hotel and Spa. With tours all year long, there’s always something on the horizon with Haunted Blennerhassett! Keep reading to learn more.

Hidden marietta

Specializing in the weird, the shocking and the spooky side of history! Hidden Marietta offers multiple ways to discover the history of our area; from walking tours giving a basic understanding of the history & hauntings, to in-depth building tours and even paranormal investigation in some of the area’s most haunted locations!