Stoked for Coffee?

February 13, 2019
Making a coffee drink

If you love the traditional brewed cup of coffee, you will love Stoked Coffee. This native Parkersburg business serves custom made coffee using the top 5% of coffee beans from around the world. Each cup of Joe is full-bodied yet smooth, nutty and chocolaty in flavor.

Want a stronger cup of coffee? Get a Red Eye, which is any size coffee with one espresso shot added. Or get a Black Eye, which is any size coffee with two espresso shots added. Stoked uses the same top quality beans for its drip coffee as it does for its espresso shots.


Want some flavor? You can stick with the traditional favorites like hazelnut, vanilla, amaretto or caramel or choose 50+ flavors. Since this gourmet coffee shop customizes in every cup to order, you can even choose whether you want a hint of flavor, full flavor or extra flavor. Talk to our Baristas, they can help you make the perfect cup for you.


Not in the mood for coffee, don’t like coffee or want something just for the kids? Stoked has a full line of No Joe Alternatives and Kids Drinks. They also have a great selection of Sugar-Free, lower calorie drinks for diabetics and those watching their calories.


Stoked Coffee offers two convenient locations while traversing the area – Parkersburg, WV and Marietta, OH.

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