Partner Highlight: Philippines Best Food, LLC

March 14, 2019
food in a pan

Daniel and Elenita Lubuguin began their business five years ago with a food truck on Saturdays, then moving to a make-shift storage building just large enough for a few customers to place their orders for carry-out only. As their popularity grew, they decided to build a restaurant.

Located at 1757c on 7th Street in Parkersburg, Philippines Best Food, LLC now has seating for 40 patrons inside and 20 outside.


Daniel serves as the main chef, creating fresh and delicious dishes that he learned while a cook for a military base in the Philippines.


The Lubuguins enjoy bringing the authentic taste of the Philippines to their customers. The restaurant started with just the happy couple and has now grown to more than 10 employees with hopes of even further expansion in the near future. Their food truck still attends local fairs all over the east coast. To view a menu and learn more, visit

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